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screw Dess

Screws for definitive use. Made from medical grade 5 ELI Titanium Integrity and soundness guaranteed by stress tests of up to 150% of their nominal torques. Their designs ensure a perfect fit with both the standard accessories as well as with special CAD/CAM systems for structures, bridges and Custom Abutments.

  screw Dess

DLC coated screws: Some DESS screws are also available in DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coated version. In this version the screw is coated with a hard carbon layer to provide a low friction surface finish improving the preload of the screw and producing a high clamping force between the abutment and the Implant.

  screw Dess

Special Designs: To meet our customer special needs DESS has developed many special screw designs. Longer versions, different socket versions, heads with flat contact face to improve the structures passivity and fitting.


Dess Analog

Made of Stainless Steel AISI 303. Head that reproduces the implant system joint. Gentle retaining area to easily position the soft gum in the working model.

Effective circuit and self-locking cross retainers that, inside the plaster, provide extraordinary embedding even in cases of abutment drilling on model.

Its descrete size means that analogs can be easily fitted, despite the implants being close together or not parallel.


transfer Dess

Mild forms allowing the use for both, open and closed trays. Area of large dimensions to facilitate an easy and safe repositioning for the closed tray impression. Positioning marks separated 1mm allow the location of the implant head. Made of stainless steel AISI-303 for a better preservation of the implant characteristics.

The screw made of Titanium Grade 5 ELI for the use with closed tray has a minimum external height in order to be used in small mouth openings. The screw head for the use with open tray has three tightening systems: stretch marks which allow a direct manual tightening, the hexagon, torx or UG for the tightening with a screwdriver and cutting for the use with a clinical spatula for extreme locations.


Castable Dess

Made of a totally castable material for the stable retention of modelling materials, resins or waxes by means of two flat surfaces that stabilize the lightening and loosening movements during production of the structure or during clinical use.

The millimetre grooves allow for the vertical embedding of wax or plastic material, withstanding compressive and traction stress during the production or during clinical use.

The footing area precisely delimits structure preparation. A perfect joint with normal plastic materials.

Made of sanitary polyoxymethylene, the same material used to make permanent clinical components, it is totally castable and allows for high-quality machining to ensure suitable shapes and sizes.

Designed in diverse diameters, for different implant connections, internal or external and over abutments. Available for single tooth prosthesis (engaging connection) and for multiple teeth prosthesis and dental bridges (non-engaging connections).

Straight & Angled Abutments

Straight Abutment Dess

The surface is treated with SelectGrip® which ensures an optimum retention capacity. The base allows the contouring to fit the prosthetic solution.

The angles of 0º, 15° and 25° allow the adaptation of the majority of clinical cases. Made of titanium grade 5 ELI, it features as well the treatment with SelectGrip® which increases the fixing capacity of the cemented prosthesis. The straight basis allows the reduction of the profile adapting to every clinical case.

Ti Bases

Dess Ti Base

DESS® presents a new interface line designated to provide security and adjustment, withoutincreasing the cost of the prosthesis. Furthermore the saving is also shown in the less timeneeded when working on the most sensitive part of the prosthesis, the adjustment with theimplant. Measures and design ensures a stable union, reinforcing the structure of zirconium in the areas of greatest stress, softening edges and ensuring the service life of the prosthesis.

In the case of cemented prosthesis, the single abutment carries out the stump. Once proven, it is cemented to the engaging interface to continue with the second part. With single screwed prosthesis it is cemented at the end of the treatment once the part is proven and glazed. Prepared to perform the scanning, the interface shows a milled part in order to help the replacement in the cemented zirconium structure.

The SelectGrip® surface provides greater adhesion of the structure with the cement. Models are available for most of the implant connections in diameters NP, RP and WP for both, single tooth prosthesis (engaging) and multiple teeth prosthesis, dental bridges and hybrids (non-engaging).

CrCo Base

CrCo Base Dess

New CrCo (Cobalt-Chrome) interface combined with a castable-sleeve opens up further restorative options for DESS product users. Thanks to the included burnout, the work can be performed directly on CrCo, casting on a small scale to produce crowns ready to fire porcelain on while retaining the DESS quality of the implant connection.
By having engaging and non-engaging versions, both single and multiple unit structures can be made. All can be welded to the CrCo base if they are made also in CrCo.
Interfaces in this material have shown a very valid economic alternative to the more expensive precious metal alloys. Step by step all these new references will join Exocad, 3Shape® and Dental Wings® libraries - further expanding the restoration possibilities using DESS components and these CAD programs.

Gold UCLA Ceramicor®

Gold UCLA Dess

Our Gold UCLA’s are manufactured to the highest standards available in the dental industry today. They are manufactured utilizing the Ceramicor® material that is
regarded as one of the best in the industry. Note: Ceramicor® from Cendres+Métaux® is made of Gold (60%), Palladium (20%), Platinum (19%) and Iridium (1%) The fit and finish of the product is extremely accurate and will rival any
product in the dental market. DESS takes a great pride in the highest quality of products through our extensive line of abutments and implant parts for many
types of connections available to our customers.

Converter and Healing Abutments




Available in many connections. Compatible with the major brands existing in the market. With engaging and nonengaging connections for single tooth and multiple teeth prosthesis. It allows to raise the height level and transforms an internal to an external connection in order to meet the needs of special clinical cases.

Healing abutments

All healing abutments are marked in order to identify the measures as well as the implant platform. Tightening connection equal to the corresponding clinical screw. Available in different heights. Consult your provider to find the most suitable height for your case.



The tools in implantology are the basis. The use of tools which are not appropriate or manipulated can be responsible of a failure in the treatment.

DESS® provides a catalogue of solutions. A success guarantee for reduced costs.

High quality materials with heat treatment ensures the best results when it comes to tightening torque and shows exceptional wear resistance.



SELECT GRIP® is a superficial finish for elements made of titanium which provides a significant improvement in retention levels of cemented prosthesis.

Due to the increase of the control stamp the laser marks are also more distinguishable.

Applied for both, straight and angled titanium abutments the adherence to the final cemented prosthesis improves significantly.

In the case of interfaces and in combination with the, for them available castables, a qualitative leap in the retention of the crown is ensured.